• Major Upgrades On the Way!

    We're pleased to let you know about some exciting upgrades that will roll out soon and will benefit all Box Ally websites on all plans. 

    This upgrade will be a major expansion of our hosting infrastructure. This plan, which will amount to a 50% increase in hosting and server resources, will begin rolling out next week.

    The expansion includes:

    • Improving our concurrent connection capabilities
    • Increasing our storage capacity
    • Upgrading our load balancing systems
    • Many more improvements to our front and back-end infrastructure
    In order to bring these new systems online, we're scheduling a maintenance window of two hours beginning at 12:01am CDT (GMT-5) on Saturday, October 26, 2013.

    During this maintenance window, we anticipate a total downtime of approximately 30 minutes with the possibility of longer downtimes if unforeseen complications arise.

    We're excited to bring you these upgrades as we continue to provide you with the leading solution for your CrossFit® Affiliate / gym and similar websites.

  • Unlimited Users and No Transaction Fees!

    We're excited to announce some changes to your Box Ally website!

    We now offer unlimited users and no transaction fees!

    You're no longer limited to 1 or 2 user/coach accounts in your admin. Now you'll be able to set up user accounts for as many coaches or admins as you wish.

    Plus, you'll save money when you sell shirts or other products online with no transaction fees! Keep in mind, you'll still be subject to the fees charged by your merchant account providers like Paypal, Authorize.net etc., but Box Ally will no longer collect any additional transaction fees on products you sell through your online store!

    We're still in the process of working on a recurring payment system so you can setup classes payments on your web store as well. We'll keep you posted on any and all progress on this feature. As always, this and all new features are always automatically updated in your account at no extra charge to you.

  • Facebook Comments Integration and Magic Drop Expansion

    We're excited to tell you about a couple of new features that went live today. First, we've added built-in support for Facebook Comments to our blog platform. Second, we've expanded the capabilities of our own Magic Drop technology, released last month. Take a look at all the details below!

    Facebook Comments Integration

    Now you can utilize Facebook's Comments plugin on your Box Ally blog with just a few clicks. Using Facebook Comments offers several benefits including the fact that comments left on your blog are shared back with your commenters' friends and followers. Previously, we published a tutorial on setting up Facebook Comments manually, but now support for Facebook Comments is built in and can be deployed by simply adjusting your blog element's settings.

    To enable Facebook Comments, visit the settings for your blog element and click on the Advanced tab. Look for the "Facebook Comments" section. One required piece of information you will need is your Facebook User ID (or the User ID for anyone you want to be able to moderate comments). Finding your Facebook User ID can be a bit tricky. There are several ways to go about it, but here's a handy online tool that can help you find it quickly.

    Enter your Facebook User ID and then check the box to "Use Facebook Comments." You'll be presented with a few other options you can set such as the width of the comments box, the number of posts to show, and the color scheme. You can also, optionally, enter a Facebook App ID if you create your own Facebook App to let you moderate all comments in a single location. For more information about Facebook Comments, you can check out Facebook's own documentation on this plugin.

    Even More Magic with Magic Drop

    Magic Drop is a new technology we announced about a month ago. Magic Drop lets you drag files from your computer and drop them directly onto your Box Ally website. Box Ally magically interprets your files and sets them up as the appropriate elements. At the time of launch, Magic Drop supported image files and zip files containing images. Now, we've expanded Magic Drop to work with many new file types. Here's an overview of everything Magic Drop can do.

    • Image Files. Drop image files and Box Ally will create an image element. A single image file creates a single image. Multiple image files create a photo gallery containing all the images in slideshow mode.
    • HTML, RTF, and TXT Files. Drop any of these file types and Box Ally will convert the content of your file to HTML (if needed) and load it into a text element.
    • XML. Drop an XML file and Box Ally will interpret it as a blog import, creating a new blog element and filling it with posts and other content found in the XML document.
    • Most Other Files. Drop most any other type of file (or multiple files) and Box Ally will create a Files and Links element containing the files you drop. File types include (but are not limited to): PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, WAV, XLS and most video files.
    • ZIP Files. Drop a zip file and Box Ally will ask you if you want to create a Files and Links element or a Photo Gallery. If your zip file contains images, choose Photo Gallery. If it contains anything else, choose Files and Links.

    All of these improvements are already live and running inside your Box Ally website. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you. As always, stay tuned because there's much more to come!

  • Introducing Magic Drop Technology!

    Everyone loves magic, and we've got a new trick of our own to share with you today. We're calling it Magic Drop Technology and it's live and running on your Box Ally website right now.

    Drop Files. Save a Bunch of Steps. It's Magic!
    Magic Drop allows you to drag files from your computer and drop them directly into any region on your Box Ally website. Box Ally creates the appropriate elements and adds your dropped content to it, saving you a whole bunch of steps in the process. Currently, Magic Drop works with image files and zip files containing image files. Magic Drop will be expanded to support additional file types and additional elements in the future.

    Drop a single image file and Box Ally will create a new Image Element containing that image. Drop multiple image files and Box Ally will create multiple Image Elements, one for each image. Drop a zip file containing multiple images and Box Ally will create a single Image Element as a gallery with multiple images.

    This is just the beginning for Magic Drop technology. Stay tuned for updates on its development. For now, give it a try. We think you're going to love the magic!

  • New Features: Disqus Comment Integration and More

    Cool winds are a-blowin' and summer is all but a memory now. Yet, we're still squeezing more features into the great Summer of Love before it winds down completely. On Tuesday October 9, 2012, we'll be adding a few new niceties to the platform. Take a look at the details below.

    Disqus Comments Integration

    In another big boost for the Box Ally blog element, we're adding built-in integration with Disqus, the world's leading commenting and discussion platform. Simply check a box on your Box Ally blog element settings, enter your Disqus ID and Box Ally will replace its built-in commenting system with the Disqus system. Disqus plugs into your Box Ally website seamlessly. Users never leave your website when they interact with your blog posts via Disqus.

    When using Disqus comments, you'll get access to Disqus's full set of features, including:

    • Real-Time Discussion.
    • Threaded Comments.
    • Social Sign On.
    • Integrated Moderation.
    • Moderation Dashboard.
    • User Analysis and History.
    • Spam Control.
    • Word Filtering.
    • and more...

    Using Disqus comments will require you to set up a free Disqus account. 

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